Training services for Farmsoft & FARMSOFT:  the appS to manage food manufacturing, fresh produce packing, wholesale & distribution, and farming.

Precision training & support package (private video conference)

Guarantee a successful project and the most efficient & beneficial setup & training for your your solution.  These services are especially important if your business is complicated or has very specific or special requirements, or if your team is too busy and doesn't have time to spend hours a day figuring out how to get  your solution up and running for your very specific business processes.  If only it was as easy as installing an app and tapping the screen a few times!  Luckily, in reality your business has thousands of unique processes that will need to be analyzed and catered for by your solution consultant.   Your project will be managed by a solution consultant that has implemented solutions globally for small, medium, and large businesses in a wide range of fresh produce & food manufacturing & handling environments. 

Includes professionally managed:
Requirements analysis & process mapping so we can understand how you need Farmsoft to work for you.  1 hour voice discussion with your team.
Configuration to match your requirements:  Your consultant will then configure your Farmsoft admin settings & options based on your requirements analysis; many of these settings and options are not available to users that configure their own app and are exclusive to this service.  This includes tailoring of your invoices, BOL, shipping documents, and food labels.  Takes up to one week.  (15 hours max)
Setup:  Your consultant will show your team how to configure a few basic settings so your team can be self sufficient with Farmsoft and know where to find and change important things.  (1 hour screen sharing & voice)
Presentation of recommended processes:  Your consultant will then present the recommended processes to your team for comment and review, and respond to feedback (this process may repeat itself),  1 hour screen sharing & voice). 
Team training & review:  Teams are walked through each process, the review & update process may repeat itself here.  (3 X  hour screen sharing & voice)
*  12 months support services included * (in selected regions only, please inquire)

Cost:  $3500

~ Terms for all services offered on this page:  All services payable in advance by invoice (payable to US, AU, NZ, EU, UK, SG local accounts, or pay by telegraphic transfer if you are outside these regions).  Time spent by your consultant on your project is limited to the times specified here.  If your team doesn't cancel a meeting 24 hours+ in advance, that meeting is forfeited and will not be refunded.    Add additional  1 hour meeting for $250.  Services (eg: support) start the day we receive the first payment or deposit from your company, regardless of when you choose to commence using the training, solution, or support services.  All support services are by email.  All training services are valid for 60 days from date of payment and expire thereafter.   


For FARMSOFT clients only; includes the entire Precision package (one of these training packages is required for each FARMSOFT module, eg: if you use FARMSOFT Packing / Food Manufacturing then add 1 of these; if you use BOTH FARM MANAGEMENT and Packing / Food Manufacturing then you must add two training packages).  $3k per module.  

On-site training & consulting

Available for all clients, on-site management of your project, training, and deployment by one of our expert solution consultants. Language spoken is English only (ask about our partner companies for other languages). From $14k plus expenses.  Includes 12 months support services.

Very small business package

Kick start your Farmsoft solution with 4 x 1 hour sessions including quick requirements audit, setup & configuration assistance, process walk thru.  Includes one month support services.  $1000 

App modifications

Need something changed or added to the app?  Use the in app Support screen to make a request for a quotation.  We are unable to make changes or additions for free; we charge hourly rates for design, development, and testing and require payment in advance. 

12 Months support services

Only the FARMSOFT edition includes support services.  For all other editions you can purchase a 12 month support subscription by requesting an invoice below.  All support by email only.
$2000 p/a.

Things we don't support

We do not support hardware, networks, your devices, finance apps, printer apps and anything you didn't purchase from us. We can't help you install a printer app/driver, configure new hardware, and we do not know how to use your finance app.


Ready to start your project with an experienced consultant?  Request an invoice here. 

If you are in one of these regions, contact our regional partners for support and training services:

Reduce inventory waste

Strict inventory control ensures there is no unaccounted 'shrinkage', food inventory is FIFO managed, and expiring inventory always monitored.

Save money

Instant access to perishable inventory,  stock-takes, reports; and automatic label, invoice, BOL, shipping documentation generation reduces administrative burden.

Easy inventory traceability

Perform instant mock recalls and audits at any time, from anywhere.  No need to compile reports or search for documents. International food safety standards maintained.

Better inventory quality 

Quality control and food safety has never been easier with industry standard quality tests, food safety checklists, or configure your own standards. 

Consistent and accurate quality control ensures higher customer satisfaction and adherence to industry, and in-house quality control standards. Track supplier quality performance, customer feedback & complaints, create QC tests for any part of the fresh produce & food manufacturing process (incoming goods, raw materials, finished goods, expiry test, export/shipping tests).

Manage orders, pack to order, picking, and the entire dispatch process. Generate invoices, bill of lading, pick slips, export documentation and other sales documents... Dispatch teams are guided through the dispatch process ensuring every order is filled perfectly, and on time. Paperwork such as BOL, freight documents, export documents are automatically generated based on the customer and destination to guarantee no rejected shipments or issues at borders.