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QUALITY CONTROL & FOOD SAFETY:   The app for complete business management in the fresh produce & food space.

Unlimited quality control tests ensure consistent quality control and maximum food safety.

Quality control templates

Choose from our quality control templates for specific food products, and even specific target customers such as chain stores (Walmart, Tesco, Woolworths, Coles and more)

Flexible quality control

Your quality control can be on any 'subject' such as incoming inventory, packed goods, a truck, shipping container, outgoing shipment, factory or packing area, and even employees in the case of a Daily Employee Work-wear Checklist.   

Quality alerts

Each quality test can have unlimited recipients in the even a test fails.  This ensures the correct team members know of any quality failure that is relevant to their specific duties.  

Quality alerts include a full report of the QC test and all photos & documents.  

Quality photos

A picture is worth 1000 words!  Attach unlimited photos to each quality test.  Photo evidence of quality is useful for justifying renegotiated pricing with suppliers or vendors.  

Quality documents

Attach unlimited documents to each QC test such as external analysis, certificates of approval, or mandatory signed documents. 

Supplier quality performance

Capture quality control for suppliers during incoming delivery (or shortly after) to use the Quality Dashboard to analyze supplier quality performance. 

Customer quality justification

Select from our templates, or configure your customers QC test requirements.  This ensures you can challenge any customer claims of quality failure instantly and confidently. 

Food safety checklists

Choose from our selection of food safety checklists, modify them to suit, or configure your own.  Food safety checklists include Daily Employee Checklist, Daily Factory Hygiene Checklist, Final QC checklist and more...

Customer feedback

Capture customer feedback, suggestions, and complaints.  

Farmsoft will send the feedback to relevant team members instantly ensuring everyone is kept up to date on customer sentiment. 

Complaints link back to suppliers. 

Targeted quality control

Each QC test can be configured to require specific details that help identify a wide range of information without requiring the user to enter it:  including pallet #, inventory #, delivery #, batch #, order #, delivery #, invoice #, warehouse, part and any user defined fields...

Fresh produce quality control

Farmsoft QC tests allow you to instantly forward test results to farmers / grower for rapid quality feedback.  

Instantly forward entire tests including photos & attached documents.  

Part of your quality management system

Quality control tests and food safety checklists form part of your Quality Management System.  Pay attention!  This is not a full replacement for your QMS.

Better quality & easy compliance .

Reduce waste by 99%

Farmsoft inventory control ensures there is no 'shrinkage', food inventory is FIFO managed, and expiring inventory always monitored.

Reduce administration time by 60%

Automatic paperwork, labels, and reporting reduces the burden on administration teams and saves everyone's time.

Better quality now

Quality control and food safety has never been easier with industry standard quality tests, food safety checklists; or configure your own tests. 

100% accurate orders!

Farmsoft guarantees only the correct inventory is shipped for each order, on time, every time.

Easy traceability

Perform instant mock recalls and audits at any time, from anywhere. No need to compile reports or search for documents. International food safety standards maintained.

Reduce inventory stocking costs by 10%

Project required ingredients & materials to ensure just in time delivery and reduce inventory overheads & waste.

Faster inventory

Know exactly which inventory is available, where it is, and when it expires:  any-time, anywhere.

Easier work order management

Rapidly assign customer orders to production batches, line & inventory managers receive instant alerts.

Better quality & traceability starts here!

Inexpensive & simple to use solution for inventory, orders, sales & shipping, traceability & recall/audits.


Comprehensive business management for packing fresh produce / food manufacturing, food service, import export and wholesale.  


For large packers of fruit & vegetable, food manufacturers, and food service.  Multiple sites / companies / countries, 6+ users.


Instant quality alerts for important team members. Enforce internal QC standards, international quality standards, or even customer quality testing programs. Configure unlimited flexible quality tests for any section of your fresh produce business. Test fresh produce deliveries as proof to suppliers of the quality of fruit & vegetables they have delivered. Quality tests can be automatically emailed to suppliers.Perform quality tests on packed product, shipments, and even use a daily packhouse hygiene checklist. Perform quality tests for Walmart, Woolworths, Tesco, Loblaw, Aldi, Coles, Pick'n'Save and more...Take photos of product during the QC test as evidence of quality. The photos are attached to the batch for easy future reference and can be shared with suppliers or customers easily. Each test program can be configured to email test results instantly to selected team members if there is a quality failure. The entire test, including photos is emailed immediately. Configure the alerts to match your quality tolerance. Quality control for fruit and vegetables has never been easier with Farmsoft's easy to use & configure QC system.

Quality control officers can easily capture photos and documents and link them to quality tests.  These photos will be visible when looking at the quality control test results.   This information can be very useful when dealing with suppliers that incorrectly state the quality of fresh produce or raw materials, or customers attempting to reject fresh produce because they have ordered too much.  Farmsoft food quality control software also allows up to five quality control management staff to be sent emails containing the quality results of any tests that fail.  This quality alert system allows management to make corrective actions or manufacturing decisions rapidly and increases communication between quality control officers and management.

The Farmsoft suite is an integrated solution for fresh produce processors and food manufactures to manage every part of business operations (excluding finance and payroll – although Farmsoft can be integrated with external accounting and finance packages).  Including inventory, processing and manufacturing, traceability, cost control, labor cost capture and monitoring, best manufacturing practice / good manufacturing practices, Farmsoft delivers comprehensive business management from the ordering of raw materials, through the entire quality, inventory, manufacturing, sales orders, sales, and dispatch processes.

Easy to use app manages fresh produce packing, food manufacture, wholesale & marketers, import/export.

Reduce waste , increase order accuracy, easy traceability, inventory, & QC.

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Food quality control software for progressive food manufacturing enterprises.Farmsoft food food quality control software is used by award winning food manufacturers and processors world wide.   The Farmsoft food quality control software delivers a comprehensive solution that starts from ordering of raw materials such as fresh produce, ingredients, or additives, and ends after sale.  This holistic business management approach helps food manufacturers deliver maximum efficiency and traceability while reducing waste and financial risk exposure due to reduced batch sizes, and smaller recall windows.Reference: Less fresh produce waste more traceability Accurate inventory shipping Apple packing, pear packing, citrus packing.‍‍

Farmsoft provides cutting edge fresh produce quality control software QC, which guides employees through the best manufacturing and quality control process for fresh produce fruit and vegetable packing QC, processing and manufacturing.Farmsoft Fresh Produce Quality Control QC can force fresh produce (and other inventory) to be “placed on hold” and automatically alert senior quality officers that a further inspection needs to be made (up to five quality control officers can be alerted for each individual Quality Program defined in Farmsoft Quality Control).

During the additional inspection, the quality control officer can reassign the class and grade, product features, storage location, and make the produce available for packing, send to processing, quality rejection process, or sales.  You can even integrate your fresh produce quality control with Farmsoft’s Farm Quality Control QC systems. ‍

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