Producepak is looking for
affiliate partners...

Receive 20% recurring comission on our customers subscriptions, forever!

We want our affiliate partners to.....


Simply place your choice of Producepak banner on your website and link it to your affiliate URL (apply below to get your URL) guarantees you get your 20% commission from every customer that signs up from your site.  

The custom URL links to a landing page on that has your partner codes in every sign up URL.  

As long as a signup remains a customer, you keep getting paid 20% of their spend forever.   

Payments are made to your comapny or personal account every quarter in USD (get a free US dollar account on, you can choose to send funds from this account to anywhere in the world very cheap and with good exchange rates if you choose to convert). You can sort out your own tax requirements if there are any in your region, that's not our problem.  

How do you get sign ups?

If your website is categorized in these spaces, you stand a good chance of earning commission with almost zero effort....

Fruit & vegetables                    
Food manufacturing
Food packing
Flower production
Food packaging
Food safety
Quality control
Fresh produce wholesale

Ask us for additional banner sizes, or make your own....

Download the banner pack

Want a privately branded solution?  

We can make the app run from your own domain, eg:, rebrand logos, solution name & documentation.  Note that private branding requires you to pay a significant up front fee for this service.

Affiliate partner requirements 

  1. Website where you will promote Producepak from.
  2. Bank account in one of these countries US, UK, EU, Poland, Australia (your payments will include GST), New Zeland, Singapore (get one free with no monthly fees from if you don't have one already).


If you are not applying to be a Producepak Affiliate partner, GO AWAY, we don't want to hear from you, go spam elsewhere!