Precise inventory control for less waste

* Precise inventory control enforced using barcoded inventory, inventory & pallet numbers.

*  Stocktakes can be performed simply by scanning inventory barcodes, or ticking inventory on a list

*  Tools help you monitor ageing inventory to minimize waste

*  Import data from your packing machine

*  Set minimum balances for inventory re-ordering

*  Create purchase orders and use optional approval process

Mobile shipping app for accuracy

Sell fresh produce from your phone or tablet by simply scanning pallets and inventory onto an invoice, or alternatively select from a list of available inventory, or use your Mac/PC to select what will be sold to each customer.

Order based dispatch reduces errors

Sell fresh produce based on customer orders (sales orders). Each time you scan or select inventory/pallets to add to an order, the balance of that order item is reduced to allow easy and accurate dispatch based on customer orders.

Instant invoicing for customer satisfaction

Automatic and manual invoices can be created during the fresh produce dispatch & shipping process. Team members with the correct permisions can set prices for inventory (or automatically inherit fresh produce prices from customer price lists).