Producepak is looking for partners...

Receive 20% recurring comission on our customers subscriptions, forever!  (Looking for our Affiliate Partners page?)

We want our partners to.....

Get paid!

We make it easy by giving you a link for signups (eg: that guarantees you get your 20% commission (paid quarterly) from that customer, forever!  

As long as a signup remains a customer, you keep getting paid 20% of their spend forever.   

Payments are made to your personal or corporate PayPal account.  

You can also sell services directly to the customer such as training or premium support (this is between you and the customer, we are not involved; you don't have to offer support plans, customers can buy support from us within the app or use free support for XL accounts). 

How do you get sign ups?

If you have knowledge or exposure in the fresh produce, food manufacturing, or food packaging and distribution industry, you are in a great position for success.   

Direct marketing
Email promotions                    
Propose to existing clients           Promote from your website         Social media                      
Exhibitions & events
Industry web sites
Food & beverage

We provide our partners with...

A sign up URL that customers use to guarantee your commission,  a single user Producepak account (for you to play around with and provide demo's if needed.), a certificate confirming your status as a Producepak partner, a dedicated landing page at that promotes your company and services, with a link to your website (please link back to us!) and has your partner promo code built in. 

Want a privately branded solution?  

We can make the app run from your own domain, eg:, rebrand logos, solution name & documentation.  Note that private branding requires you to pay a significant up front fee for this service for software development.

We can provide highly qualified sales leads!

From time to time, we may send you contact details of a prospect that is actively looking for a solution like Producepak in your area.  This service is available only to partners that have two or more active paying sign ups and have passed two rounds of our due diligence.  

Turbocharge your sign ups

Online promotion

Link articles, reviews, and directory pages to your sign up page on to increase your sign ups.... 

Ask us for additional banner sizes, or make your own....

Download the banner pack

Partner requirements 

Please make sure you have these items before applying:

  1. Work email address & website - we need to know you are legit; and not a customer wanting a partner account to discount the cost of using Producepak (yeh! people have tried to do this).
  2. A copy your ID - we need to verify your personal ID, and if a company is involved your certificate of registration.  This is for our anti-money laundering policy and we will ask for this at a later date.
  3. PayPal account:  This can be personal or corporate.