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FINANCE APPS & Farmsoft:   The app for complete business management in the fresh produce & food space.

Share info with your finance app to avoid double entry errors & save time.

Xero integration 

Farmsoft can share data with your Xero account using Farmsoft's public app.  Share info such as incoming PO's (Invoices payable / AP) and sales invoices (AR), check for customer / supplier records and add them automatically if they don't exist prior to upload of AP and AR. 

Quickbooks integration

Integrate with Quickbooks for better business management.  Presently you can export this data, however, this feature is scheduled for upgrade and you will be able to share cloud data  end Nov 2021.

MYOB, SAGE, SaasAnt, MultiView

Export your invoices (AR) data at your leisure to other finance apps. 

Easier admin & better profit starts here.

Reduce inventory waste

Strict inventory control ensures there is no unaccounted 'shrinkage', food inventory is FIFO managed, and expiring inventory always monitored.

Save money

Instant access to perishable inventory,  stock-takes, reports; and automatic label, invoice, BOL, shipping documentation generation reduces administrative burden.

Easy inventory traceability

Perform instant mock recalls and audits at any time, from anywhere.  No need to compile reports or search for documents. International food safety standards maintained.

Better inventory quality 

Quality control and food safety has never been easier with industry standard quality tests, food safety checklists, or configure your own standards. 

Inexpensive & simple to use solution for inventory, orders, sales & shipping, traceability & recall/audits.


Comprehensive business management for packing fresh produce / food manufacturing, food service, import export and wholesale.  


For large packers of fruit & vegetable, food manufacturers, and food service.  Multiple sites / companies / countries, 6+ users.


Better quality & traceability starts here!

Leverage business wide data to build business intelligence for your fresh produce enterprise. Customer satisfaction dashboard Quality control dashboard Supplier quality dashboard Fresh produce Profit Analysis dashboard‍‍Dashboards for fresh produce business intelligence Business intelligence > Sales dashboard This dashboard is an essential tool for marketing and sales teams to stay constantly informed of all orders, inventory on hand, and stock that isn't assigned to a customer.

Easy to use app manages fresh produce packing, food manufacture, wholesale & marketers, import/export.

Reduce waste , increase order accuracy, easy traceability, inventory, & QC.

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Increased profit & traceability starts here.