Increase profit & reduce waste now!


INVENTORY app for food manufacturing, fresh produce packing, wholesale/import/export.

Learn how to increase profit, quality, traceability, and reduce waste.

Monitor inventory expiry

Keep a watchful eye over potential inventory expiry with reports that highlight expiring goods in advance.

Increased inventory accuracy

Move inventory by scanning its label and selecting a destination warehouse.  Live access to all inventory locations at all times.

FIFO reduces inventory waste

The app ensures your team is using FIFO at all times, for both raw materials during packing & food manufacture, and order shipments.

Inventory auditing increases accountability

View an audit history for any inventory that includes time-stamps, employee name, and action performed.  Great to reduce errors and maximize efficiency.


Perform inventory stock takes by warehouse, product category, or specific product line; justify all shrinkage.  Management can view shrinkage and approve losses as required. Sample inventory details report.

Inventory waste management

Sometimes waste is unavoidable in the perishable food industry.  Analyze waste, waste type, waste reason, waste product line. 

Bar-code inventory

Easy scanning of inventory bar-codes lets you:  lookup details, reprint labels, move inventory & pallet, add to batch, build new pallet for order, pick & ship. 

Case & pallet labels

Choose from a comprehensive selection of food & fresh produce labels for chains Walmart, Woolworths, Coles, Loblaw, Tesco, Aldi, and more.  Contact support to add your own design of label.

Built in traceability

The traceability data is captured when you receive fresh produce, raw materials, ingredients, packaging, finished goods.  Traceability is maintained easily & automatically.

Live inventory 

Know exact quantities of inventory and its storage location at all times.  Dozens of reports allow you to filter for specific products, or even find out inventory levels held on historical dates.  Sample inventory totals report.

Increase profit & reduce waste now!

Reduce inventory waste

Farmsoft inventory control ensures there is no unaccounted 'shrinkage', food inventory is FIFO managed, and expiring inventory always monitored.

Save money

Instant access to perishable inventory,  stock-takes, reports; and automatic label, invoice, BOL, shipping documentation generation reduces administrative burden.

Easy inventory traceability

Perform instant mock recalls and audits at any time, from anywhere.  No need to compile reports or search for documents. International food safety standards maintained.

Better inventory quality now

Quality control and food safety has never been easier with industry standard quality tests, food safety checklists, or configure your own standards. 

Better quality & traceability starts here!

Inexpensive & simple to use solution for inventory, orders, sales & shipping, traceability & recall/audits.


Comprehensive business management for packing fresh produce / food manufacturing, food service, import export and wholesale.  


For large packers of fruit & vegetable, food manufacturers, and food service.  Multiple sites / companies / countries, 6+ users.


Consistent and accurate quality control ensures higher customer satisfaction and adherence to industry, and in-house quality control standards. Track supplier quality performance, customer feedback & complaints, create QC tests for any part of the fresh produce & food manufacturing process (incoming goods, raw materials, finished goods, expiry test, export/shipping tests).

Manage orders, pack to order, picking, and the entire dispatch process. Generate invoices, bill of lading, pick slips, export documentation and other sales documents... Dispatch teams are guided through the dispatch process ensuring every order is filled perfectly, and on time. Paperwork such as BOL, freight documents, export documents are automatically generated based on the customer and destination to guarantee no rejected shipments or issues at borders.

Generate fresh produce SSCC pallet labels, GS1 case & PTI labels, bin labels, batch labels, traded unit labels, harvest labels and more. Use the built in industry standard labels for Walmart, Woolworths, Aldi, Tesco, Loblaws etc - or design your own with the built in label & report designer. Our team can design all of your fresh produce documents to ensure farmsoft matches your requirements perfectly. Project required raw materials needed to pack/manufacture orders, potential shortages, schedule multiple orders to be packed in batches on selected production lines with a few clicks, automatically send new job alerts to managers, schedule additional harvests, analyze outstanding orders. Manage entire packing and manufacturing process with ease. 

Easy to use app manages fresh produce packing, food manufacture, wholesale & marketers, import/export.

Reduce waste , increase order accuracy, easy traceability, inventory, & QC.

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Increased profit & quality starts here.