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fresh produce quality control

Manage customer quality programs & internal quality systems

quality control

Capture QC from deliveries, raw product, packed fresh produce, and outgoing pallets, containers, and trucks.  Quality control made easy.


Quality control

Easy to use fresh produce quality control. Flexible fresh produce quality control software can be used to reduce the incorrect categorization of fresh produce as waste, leading to higher pack shed profits and more consistent quality, with improved customer satisfaction. FarmSoft manages fresh produce businesses from end to end, providing a comprehensive fresh produce business management solution.

Reduce fresh produce losses by QC analysis of produce that has been discarded as “waste” to ensure waste product is indeed within the specification of waste. FarmSoft provides comprehensive inventory, packing, processing, value adding, sales, marketing, and dispatch & sales. FarmSoft consolidates data from farm, through packing and processing to post sales analysis and traceability. FarmSoft can share invoice, sales order, purchase order, and inventory data with financial packages.
Fresh produce quality control