Sales & wholesale of fresh produce, fruit & vegetables

Orders, invoice, picking, and shipping of fresh produce.  Every order filled accurately, easily, and on time.

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Sales & wholesale: Invoice, order, shipping containers, dispatch, and documentation for fruti & vegetable packer / import / export

Choose from a selection of built in invoice templates, or modify to suit your needs. Invoices can be exported to avoid double entry.

Manage fresh produce orders from customers, orders are used during the order picking process to ensure accurate order fullfillment.

Manage shipping containers, digital and analog theremometers, and customize other shipping container information as required. Assign shipping containers to order and invoices in advance.

Use built in industry standard Bill Of Lading, Invoice, and other dispatch documentation, modify them, or design your own with the Document Designer tool.

Check each pallet from a list (or scan), to ensure exact order fulfilment.

Manage multiple price lists by customer x part x variety and feature. Automatic prices on new orders. 

Full management of sales orders, including email alerts, online order entry and sales order approval functions. Manage customer orders, with automatic balance deductions during the dispatch and shipping processes 

Monitor the progress of order building 

Specify the specific documents that are required for each different customer, these documents will then be presented for printing to users during the dispatch process 

Optionally capture dispatch temperatures, times, and employee, for pallets, cool rooms, and trucks/shipping containers 

Generate invoices for product that was packed in your packhouse, purchased from a third party, or packed on behalf of another company/customer 

Print transport documentation, pick lists, government paperwork, export documentation, and organic certificates 

Sell directly to Sales Orders, or; 

Sell directly to an Invoice without needing a Sales Order 

Sell produce on ‘consignment’ where no price has been agreed 

Maintain pricelists for markets, specific customers, and specific products  

Assign sales to sales persons 

Barcode pallet or inventory scanning to add product to an order 

Mobile point of sale, manage inventory in trucks, mobile invoicing, in field orders from clients 

Automatically email specific documents to selected customers during dispatch and shipping processes  

Compare stock on hand with orders from customers 

Manage shipping containers and all related details & documents 

Insert photos of important shipments directly onto the invoice or dispatch for quality references  

Purchase Orders include an approval process, and an email alerts process that alerts the author of approval status and alerts staff that need to approve purchase orders. Email orders to suppliers. 

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Invoices for fresh produce wholesale

Easily customized, choose from templates, modify them, or design your own invoice BOL and other documents (ask your consultant to do it for you for premium clients).
During the dispatch process, invoices & bill of lading can be automatically sent to your choice of customer, transport company, or even employee as required.  

Fresh produce wholesale import / export

From customer orders, to customer price lists, generating invoices, documentation for export, organic certificates, shipping processes, and shipping container management - farmsoft has you covered for fresh produce packing, processing, wholesale, import and export.

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bill of lading BOL fresh produce wholesale

Bill of lading for fresh produce

Fresh produce documnetation such as pick lists, bill of lading, dispatch dockets, and transport notes have never been easier and are automatically presented when orders are ready to ship. You can specify which documents are preferred by which cusotmer to ensure each customer receives the correct documentation.
When each order is shipped, automatically email the bill of lading to your choice of customer, transport provider, or internal team members. 

Six reasons to implement farmsoft fresh produce solutions...

farmsoft farm mangement 

 fruit & vegetable farm management from field to plate.  
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Traceback & The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) to improve fresh produce traceability, recall, and audits. 

Department of Financial & Management Engineering An important benefit of growing your growers from within is the opportunity to indoctrinate them into your company culture at the same time they're learning good plant culture. With both employee and employer loyalty seemingly hitting bottom barrel these days, internal training and promotion programs could be a great way to attract and keep valuable employees long-term in a competitive grower market. Keeping great employees, and paying them more as they progress, is always less costly than repeatedly hiring anew.

From January 1, 2006 traceability will cease to be an added-value element in the agricultural industry and will become obligatory because of the introduction of the new EU legislation,” explains Pedro de la Peña, the technical manager of E-FRUITRACE at Agromare in Spain. All of the actors involved in the agri-food sector therefore need comprehensive and compatible solutions to allow them to track produce.”

Since refining is a continuous process, a constant input of crude palm oil is required. As we have seen, the crude palm oil was supplied from different origins. So, when we speak about traceability in the palm oil supply chain, it means we can identify all the palm oil mills that could have been supplying the oil in your product. Knowing that most of the mill's supply base is located within a radius of 50 kilometres, traceability provides you with a list of potential mills of origin. Any verification of sustainable practices on the oil supplied by a certain mill, should happen in this area.