Fresh cut, mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing, processing, wholesale, QC.

Software solution to manage fresh cut, mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing,   > Reduce Mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing waste, improve mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing traceability, ensure accurate & timely mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing orders.

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Mixed salad loose leaf salad lettuce packing

Use Producepak to manage the entire mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing operation for any loose leaf specialty products including spinach, baby kale, green coral, mignonette, butter lettuce, 4 leaf salads, baby cos, rocket, arugula, chives, basil, bunch dill, bunch kale curly, bunch kale deck, bunch mint, bunch silver-beet, bunch tarragon, bunch thyme, Tuscan kale, chard, continental parsley, cochran iceberg, cochran cos, mizuna, chard, salad blends, organic salad packs, asian mix, braising mix, frissee, organic raw, raddichio, Lollorosa, red romaine, spring mix, wild arugula.

Configure the ingredients for each loose leaf salad recipe, project the required materials, produce orders based on requirements (or schedule new harvests or new plantings) to ensure mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing is accurate and easy to manage.  
The Fresh Food Group provides full-service fresh solutions for retail, food-service, club and convenience stores including merchandising and category support. We proudly operate eight facilities across the U.S. and three in Canada. We are the leading providers of fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, snacking products and home meal replacement solutions.

Fresh Cuts frees up time and space in your kitchen.
Our fresh cut and prepared foods offer value-added items at an incredible price. Our cut and prepared line of produce ensures convenience, consistent quality, low to no waste, reduced injury, and allows for labor reallocation. Our facility is able to tailor items specifically to any operation and large enough to distribute to nationwide retailers.  Freshcut Foods Ltd who produce convenient packs of ready-to-eat fruit for shops and supermarkets around the country. Recently, they have developed a new range of savoury pies.

The pack to order process for mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing  has never been easier with farmsoft.  Mange traceability for mixed salad loose leaf lettuce packing, perform quality tests on incoming mixed salad loose leaf lettuce, and track quality back to the supplier from customer complaints/feedback.  

Customers can use the portal to enter their mixed salad loose leaf lettuce orders online; give your customers a superior mixed salad loose leaf lettuce ordering experience.  You can even collect customer feedback for mixed salad loose leaf lettuce products received by the customer in the mixed salad loose leaf lettuce portal.  

Meal Kit Solutions
Retail-ready fresh meal kits

Freshly prepared home meal replacement solutions for supermarkets coast-to-coast for both private label and branded programs. Varieties include pasta, stir fry and salad options.

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Ready-to-Go Meals
Fresh mixed salads and pastas

Convenient and delicious gourmet deli salads, pastas and prepared foods served as a main or side dishes for supermarkets, fresh-cut vegetable processors and food service providers nation-wide.

Fresh Cut Veggies and Fruit
Fresh veggies and sweet, juicy sliced fruit in a variety of favorite assortments that carefully selected, washed, cut, and prepared for quick and easy ready-to-serve convenience.

Fresh Snacking Solutions
Just the right amount of fresh-cut, fruits or vegetables are delicious and healthy for enjoyment anytime, anywhere. Your customers will love the freshness and ready-to-serve convenience!

fresh produce delivery management

Easy incoming loose leaf lettuce delivery saves time

fresh produce inventory

Precision loose leaf lettuce inventory for less waste

fruit quality control xero

Superior loose leaf lettuce quality control for better product

fresh produce production management

Loose leaf production management reduces errors

Accurate fresh produce order distribution

Loose leaf lettuce orders filled & dispatched on time

reduce fresh produce administration costs

Reduce administration costs for loose leaf lettuce packing and processing

Mixed salad & loose leaf lettuce packing solution

Software solution to manage loose leaf lettuce > Reduce cloose leaf lettuce waste, improve loose leaf lettuce traceability, ensure accurate & timely loose leaf lettuce orders.

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A background of fresh salad / loose leaf packing technology  

Salad convenience packing
The daily quest to put a decent meal on the table can cause some anxiety for most of us. Our busy schedules hardly leave time to cook up an elaborate meal. Supermarkets offer extensive choices to shoppers. Enticing them to go for quick and easy like frozen pizzas, yet, on the other hand, suggesting to go for the healthy option of fresh spinach. We have to admit, nowadays our choices are made easy. Even for a healthy diet. Fresh cut vegetables are ample available next to the pillow bags with fresh-cut salads. Here at JASA, we can boast on our years of experience in this field. Our ready cut salads will find the way to your dinner table in no time. Our packaging caters for solo Netflix dinners as well as to all-out family dinners.

Salad meals
A deluxe version of the salad pouches is a dinner salad in a bowl. Well packed with a variety of various vegetables, meat, fish and fruits topped with a tasty dressing, just what you are looking for! These bowls are wrapped in a sleeve that draws customer attention, making the sleeve a perfect marketing tool. Add your green message, a recipe, or a statement about your company to it. Our sleever is apt for more than salads alone. Apples or meats can just as well be packed with these durable sleeves.

All around the world
Working hard, working fast is very zeitgeist, leading us to compensate by consuming healthy foods. The rise and steady growth of the fresh-cut vegetables market share is thus no surprise. Currently, these vegetables have won over the consumers in the Netherlands, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Fresh cut and packed vegetables are in high demand in these countries. Packaged salads and vegetables form a perfect solution for hasted customers and those who live alone. A right-sized portion prevents food waste. Bearing this in mind explains the enormous increase in this market, now also trending in other parts of the world, including America.

The benefits of pre-cut vegetables
The bias about pre-cut vegetables is that they would not be as nourishing as fresh vegetables. Actually, this is not the case, admittingly, the level of vitamin C could be present in smaller amounts. Packaging pre-cut vegetables demonstrate several advantages for both the producers and the consumer. The vegetables are packed airtight preventing the leaves from turning yellow, a fact most consumer value. The vegetables appear fresh! Another advantage is the choice in size of the packaging, offering the option to buy just the right amount for a meal. This prevents food-spill and with that green-house gasses rendering packaged vegetables sustainable. The airtight packaging also ensures a prolonged shelf life for the vegetables. Packaging salads and vegetables in well-designed containers make them eye-catchers on the supermarket shelves. A perfect way for producers to effectively make packaging a marketing tool.

Did we awake your interest in packaging your pre-cut vegetables, or do you want to discover the possibilities with our sleever? Contact us, or better yet, visit us at the PMA Fresh Summit! You will find us at stand 2597. We are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Innovative and Eco-friendly food-service packaging
Versupack is a distribution company that does business within the HoReCa and Industrial sector for Baltic States and European countries since 2008.

Our company focuses in plastic, paper and environmentally friendly disposable products and packaging materials. We offer disposable tableware, sustainable food packaging products, eco-friendly food containers and take-out boxes, cups, plates and cutlery also. Versupack has complete solutions that correspond to demand of professional users in terms of function, range, availability, quality and price.

The product range includes food containers, disposable tableware products, disposable dinnerware products, take-away containers, kraft salad bowls, bamboo cups, wooden cutlery, catering disposables, napkins, mini dishes, paper straws, sealable bagasse trays, biodegradable foodservice products, molded fiber packaging.

Our aim is to offer the modern and effective solution for your business.

We are proud to say that we offer the most modern and unique products for our customers. 

Versupack offers our customers different brands to choose from to ensure that we are able to meet the needs of any customer. Each product has unique features and benefits. Customers may choose take away containers in an incredible wide variety of sizes to accommodate any food application. Additionally they can be custom printed.   Containers from Versupack are the right compliment to perfectly display your offering. Our product lines include multiple packaging options. Food from your market to home will be carried safe. Regardless of which package you choose, we guarantee you and your customer will be satisfied.