Labelling fresh produce.  Fresh produce documentation.

Industry standards for labels and fresh produce documentation for domestic and export, maximum traceabiilty and inventory accuracy. 

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Fresh produce label printing & design.  Build your own, choose from templates, or ask your consultant to design your fresh produce labels and documents.

Print Produce Traceability Initiative / PTI style labels for fresh produce pallets (PTI Hybrid Pallet Label with GTIN and SSCC via GS1 128 barcodes) and other fresh produce labeling formats from around the world.

Generate standard FarmSoft fresh produce pallet labels with SSCC and human readable details.

Generate standard FarmSoft inventory labels for identifying fresh produce that will be processed further before sale.

Includes labels accepted by Walmart, Tesco’s, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Pick’n’Save, and many more chains.

Use virtually any printer type or model, including mobile label printers or inexpensive thermal or laser printing options to generate fresh produce labeling.

Walmart fresh produce labels

Woolworths fresh produce labels

Aldi fresh produce labels

Coles fresh produce labels

Whole Foods fresh produce labels

Tesco & Loblaw fresh produce labels

fresh produce inventory label

Inventory labels for fresh produce

Label fresh produce traded untis (trade units), and even consumer units such as punnet, tray, tote, bags, cartons, and crates. All bar-codes can be scanned uing the app to move/sell/manipulate inventory.
Use built in industry standard fresh produce labels for Walmart, Tesco, Aldi, Woolworths, Loblaw, Pick'n'Save, Coles and more.
Full support for fresh produce inventory bar-codes such as GS1-128 (versions with Batch and Pack date options), T9, SSCC18 shipping barcodes, and more...

PTI Hybrid Pallet Label with GTIN and SSCC via GS1 128 barcodes) and other fresh produce labeling formats

Fresh produce labels for packers of fruit & vegetables have never been easier to create & print. Choose from an extensive selection of industry standard fresh produce labels, customize them, or design your own.

fresh produce labels export documentation
fresh produce pallet label

Pallet labels for fresh produce inventory

Use a selection of international standard pallet labels for easy identification of fresh produce pallets.
Fresh produce pallet labels feature SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) shipping barcodes for improved pallet management.
All pallet bar-codes can be scanned to move/sell/manipulate pallets.

fresh produce label

Batch labels for fresh produce

Simplyfy bulk management of fresh produce using batch labels for part processed or unprocessd fresh produce.
Fresh produce pallet labels feature SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) shipping barcodes for improved pallet management.
All batch bar-codes can be scanned to move/sell/manipulate fresh produce. 

Six reasons to implement farmsoft fresh produce solutions...

farmsoft farm mangement 

 fruit & vegetable farm management from field to plate.  
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Fresh produce labels increase traceability for fruit and vegetable markets

Being always aware of where your products are is indispensable. Six billion cases of fresh produce are handled every year in the U.S. Contamination does occur, but the PTI is hoping that the standardized approach they propose will provide a more efficient, targeted food recall—to minimize the health risk to the consumers and the impact on the food companies involved.

Traceability is an obligation of result, not of means. Each industry organises itself in its own way and uses the appropriate technology. Traceability requires few tools, as what matters is not the technology, but the organisation that meets the goals of traceability. Beware of technology for technology's sake. Actors must be informed and trained properly”, warns Traçabilititien® Jean-Luc Viruega.

Food Safety Magazine: While there is strong agreement about the virtues of traceability, questions of how this should be achieved may require additional compromises across the produce industry. At Food Safety Magazine, we believe that ongoing discussions among producers of all sizes across the supply chain provide the best chance that industry can present prospective solutions to regulators while guaranteeing a universally high standard for food safety from farm to market.

Each farmer is supplied with a detailed marketing plan and packing guide before their season begins. When our suppliers' season starts, they will submit samples for MRL testing, with the start of each new cultivar. Fruits uses an accredited lab to analyze the samples and the quality department monitors the results.