Alerts help decrease management response time

Receive instant notifications of important business events to ensure minimum fresh produce waste and maximum quality at all times

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Alerts to improve management response time, keep management informed at all times of critical business events and improves time for critical business decisions 

Receive alerts when batch quality results in a pre-determined percent of waste. 

Receive alerts based on a specific quality program (test) if it meets conditions such as a 'fail' or even 'pass'.

Automatically send shipment notifications to customers, trasnport company, or administration teams.  

Automatically send invoices & cusotmer orders to customers, admin teams, and transport company - upon making a new shipment.  

Send alerts to marketing or sales teams when Orders are updated, edited, or cancelled. 

Automatic alerts for inventory managers directs them to deliver the correct fresh produce raw materials to the correct production line at the correct time to ensure accurate batch planning and processing of fresh produce.. 

Automatic alerts tell line managers which orders they need to pack on their line and the total of each fresh produce finished product that must be packed/manufactured.

Alert customers if their order was accepted or rejected. 

Quality problem alerts

Invoice alert to customer

Shipment alert to customer

Customer order alerts

New batch ingredients required alerts

On screen alerts inform your team of which materials must be packed where and when and by whom

Six reasons to implement farmsoft fresh produce solutions...

farmsoft farm mangement 

 fruit & vegetable farm management from field to plate.  
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Alerts and notifications for fresh produce quality control

The e-commerce building blocks are available to the South African fruit export industry to enable traceability, as well as to provide significant efficiency benefits. It has been found that early adoption of the e-commerce building blocks will result in a strategic advantage over the southern hemisphere competitors and that automated traceability is feasible for the South African fruit export industry. This article describes the cohesiveness, willingness to participate and supportive thinking of representatives from the important fruit export industry in South Africa, which are necessary to create the critical mass for the implementation of such an automated traceability system.

Each label is Produce Traceability Initiative & GS1 Compliant and fully traceable (Utilizing the GS128 Barcode Format). The label displays information such as the Lot Number, COO (Country of Origin Code), Customer Name, Production Date, Expiration Date & Customer Order Details. As each label is generated, the SG Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) Solution is adding product to the customer order to enable the Management Team to have real-time production information based on actual throughput.

Regional food organizations can use software to track a bill of lading, accept delivery confirmation, and support food recalls 121. Inexpensive applications developed using tools like MS Office can also be used to improve traceability 215. Accounting software can provide both inventory tracking and accounting functions in the same system...

The ProSeries inkjet systems from ID Technology are capable of printing a four-inch high block of information and graphics, including the GS1-128 barcodes required by the Produce Traceability Initiative. The industrial inkjet systems can be specified with multiple print heads for printing on multiple sides of the case. Like the printer applicators or laser coders for case marking , inkjet printers give packagers the ability to eliminate or reduce the number of pre-printed secondary cases, which cuts material, transportation, warehousing, and material handling costs.

QR codes, which can be read by smartphones, are an excellent option for those who have the means, Tocco said. He demonstrated with his laptop how a label maker could be attached to a computer to generate codes on labels that can then be affixed to lugs or boxes.