Customer complaint managemetn for fresh produce wholesale, export, import, packers.

Measure customer complaints, their severity, frequency, track back to suppliers, and measure overall perforamnce at filling cusotmer orders, instant recall of customer incidents during sales and more...

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Capture precious customer feedback & complaints for analysis and trend identification.

Capturing cusotmer sentiment, comments, and suggestions is essential for perpetual quality control and product improvement in the fresh produce industry.  With farmsoft you can capture customer feedback, pinpoint the origin of the fresh produce and the supplier(s) and record corrective actions such as refunds, credits, and supplier interventions. 

Recording customer complaints is part of every good quality management system and helps you to identify fraud, warranty issues, and trends in packaging, transport, and general fresh prduce quality.  

Attach unlimited documents, or product photos (internal or supplied by the customer) permantly 

Identify trends of customer feedback such as a specific product line that suffers a frequent quality issue 

Indirect product issues such as packaging quality can also be identified by analyzing cusomter feedback

Complaints include corrective action (customizable) records 

Customer complaints/feedback can  be automatically sent to multiple teams and management to keep everyone informed

Easilly review historical customer complaints and feedback (your quality system likely requires you formally record customer complaints and feedback)

customer complaint feedback fresh

Customer complaints & feedback

Track cusomter complaints and feedback to maximize customer satisfaction and supplier product quality.  

Six reasons to implement farmsoft fresh produce solutions...

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 fruit & vegetable farm management from field to plate.  
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Customer complaints and feedback 

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