Chili processing & manufacturing software

Software solution to manage chili powder manufactruing, crushed chili, powdered chilli processing, and chili oil manufactruing > Reduce chili waste, improve chili traceability, ensure accurate & timely chili orders.

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Reasons to implement farmsoft chili processing software...

fresh produce delivery management

Easy incoming chili delivery saves time

Increase the efficiency of fresh chilis deliveries and integrate with chili scales.

fruit quality control xero

Superior chili quality control for better product

Guarantee the quality of your chili inventory. 

reduce fresh produce administration costs

Reduce administration costs

Automatic generation of chili labels, audits of chili inventory and batches, and chili recalls and mock recalls.

Fresh produce business management features:

fresh produce customer portal

Chili portal

The chili portal allows your customers to create new raw or processed chili orders, update existing orders, cancel orders, and leave quality feedback on prior chili purchases.  

chili powder crushed processing New Mexico Covarrubias Farms

San Martin Enterprises, quality chili products

The late Jose Covarrubias and son Armando began the red chili operation using one dehydrating tunnel. Tony Covarrubias, brother of Armando joined the family business growing to where it is today. With growing customer demand for red chili, in 2011 brothers Armando and Tony decided to create a new company to separate the farming sector and red chili processing/manufacturing and formed what is now known as San Martin Enterprises.

Focus on farmsoft clients...

Since 1970, Covarrubias Farms (Arrey, New Mexico) has been producing some of New Mexico's finest fresh chili producs.  A family started and run business, the farming division has created a new chili processing company.

chili processing software san martin enterpirses new mexico


San Martin & red chili

San Martin specializes in dehydrated red chili offering a range of different products. All our red chili is locally sourced from our own farm and approved suppliers here in the Hatch Valley and Northern Mexico to fulfill the processing needs to meet our customer demands. From the farm, the red chili travels to our facility located here in Arrey (Hatch Valley) where it is processed and packaged to our customer specifications.

Today San Martin offers a range of different products to meet the increasing demand from our customers. Our primary products include Whole Red Chili Pods and Crushed Red Chili and Paprika but have recently broken into the Red Chili/Paprika Powder and Caribe Sector. Our goal is to provide each of our customers a product tailored to their needs and specifications. 

Safe, Wholesome Products
Our products are distributed throughout the US to various customers such as distributors, food service industry, re-packers, and major spice companies.  From the beginning our objective has always been to provide our customers a safe, pure, wholesome and high quality product (Food Safety & Quality).

Our Food Safety and Quality Control Departments are very diligent to ensure that all processed and packed product meets not only our very high expectations but the expectation and specifications of our customers. Our facility follows Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP, GFSI food safety based system and annually 3rd Party Audited under the PrimusGFS scheme.

Chili processing software

Software solution to manage chili powder manufactruing, chili paste, chili sauce, crushed chili, powdered chilli processing, and chili oil manufactruing > Reduce chili waste, improve chili traceability, ensure accurate & timely chili orders.

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[Download chili processing brochure]    [Chili tech specs]

Chili dehydrating, chili manufacturing, chili processing, chili oil manufacturing, chili whole red chili pods, crushed chili , chili powder, paprika powder, caribe.  

Use farmsoft to manage the chili dehydration, processing, powering, chili crushing, and packing process.

Reduce waste during chili powder manufacturing processes.  Maintaining the highest levels of food safety and traceability, from New York to New Mexico (Hatch Valley & Northern Mexico).  

Our chili processing clients use farmsoft and the latest chili processing technology to produce high quality chili products with superior traceability and food standards.  

Perform instant chili recalls and audits both up and down the supply chain with farmsoft, for fresh chili, powdered chilie, and crushed chili.  

Chili inventory management is made easy and efficient with optional chili inventory barcoding, easy chili stocktakes and multi-site management of your chili stores and invntory. 

Chili dehydrating, chili rack drying and storage can be managed in farmsoft using chili batch mangement, giving you maximum chili traceability both up and down the supply chain.

Plan your chili manufacturing processes using farmsoft's chili production and projection dashboard.  Project required chili to manufacture each order and schedule chili manufacturing and inventory requiremetns in seconds.  

New farmsoft is full of features to manage chili processing, chili oil manufacturing, chili whole red chili pods, crushed chili, chili powder, paprika powder, caribe.   

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Chili powder manufacturing software 

Chillies produced using traditional practices are liable to quantitative and qualitative deterioration that ultimately results into economic losses to the growers and the exporters. Moreover the occurrence of toxins in the produce has an impact on the health of consumers. Chili processing software aims to provide safe and better quality chillies to consumesr by adopting modern and systematic methods of processing. It also aims to protect whole and powdered chillies from contamination of toxic chemicals of health concern by bringing improvements in storage, processing and marketing procedures. The course will develop expertise among different stake holders in chilli processing by providing them specific trainings, keeping in view their job requirements.

Good chili production practices involve having the skills to:
* Select healthy and appropriate whole chillies for processing
* Recognize the damaged chillies in a lot at the time of procurement
* Inspect and select the sites for storage of chillies and store the whole chillies (raw material) and chilli powder
(finished product) using recommended procedures
* Perform milling of whole chillies as per SOPs
* Monitor the chilli during storage for insect pest and to control them using appropriate procedures
* Select the appropriate packaging material for whole chillies and chilli powder
* Pack the finished product (whole or powder) by using appropriate material and procedure
* Assure the quality of chillies throughout the processing and packaging stages.

Chilli varieties and its sub types:
* Hybrid varieties
* Healthy pods/seeds
* Damaged pods/seeds
* Shrivelled pods
* Discoloured pods
* Effect of procurement of good quality of chillies on the quality of finished product
* Procedure to determine the proportion of healthy pods in
the offered consignment
* Physical examination of chillies
* Role of moisture in chilli quality
* Role of aflatoxin in chilli supply chain
* Role of chilli color in chilli quality
* Role of pungency in chilli quality
* Permissible limits of
aflatoxin in various countries
and prevailing situation in
Chili processing software
* Impact of mixing of
damaged pods with
healthier pods
* Knowledge about various
chilli markets

Identify different varieties of chillies
* Recognize the sub types of chilli variety „Dandi cut‟
* Recognize hybrid varieties of chillies
* Calculate the proportion of different sub types of Dandi
cut chillies within a chilli lot
* Distinguish between normal and damaged pods
* Identify shrivelled chilli pods
* Recognize the chillies that are fungal infested,
physically damaged, discoloured etc
* Calculate the proportion of normal pods in a lot
* Calculate the proportion of each type of damaged pods
in a lot
* Calculate the cost analysis of chilli lot

Type of chillies and their suitability for chilli processing: 
* Introduction to different types of samplers and dividers
* Random sampling for obtaining representative sample
* Importance of randomized chilli sampling
* Equipment requirement and their use for sampling

Basic requirements of chilli for processing: 
* Important components of a chilli analysis report
* Interpretation of chilli analysis report
* Importance of correct labelling
* Knowledge about sampling bags
* Storage of chilli samples to conserve moisture and other parameters
* Impact of physical observation during selection of lot
* Determination of moisture content
* Determination of aflatoxin in chilli supply chain
* Determination of color in chilli quality
* Determination of pungency in chilli quality
* Select the sampling bag
* Label the sample to include the information like date of
sampling, sample collector name, chilli lot identity etc.
* Prepare representative samples
* Seal the sample to protect and preserve the sample
* Ascertain the quality of chilli pods offered for procurement by undertaking physical observation or examination

Perform moisture test using portable moisture tester or get the moisture tested from laboratory: 
* Perform aflatoxin test using portable aflatoxin tester or get it
analysed from laboratory
* Calculate the proportion of foreign matter in chilli lot
* Perform pungency test or get it tested from laboratory
* Perform color test by visual examination or get it tested

Differentiation between old and new chili crops: 
* Impact of mixing of old and new crop
* Characteristics of good quality chillies
* Basic requirement for the selection of good quality chillies
* Trends of chilli market
* Distinguish between damaged and normal pods
* Difference between pure and hybrid chilli varieties
* Personnel characteristics required at the time of selection of chilli lot
* Calculation of cost effectiveness of chilli lot at the time of selection
* Selection of suitable chilli lot on the basis of following:
- Proportion of damaged pods
- Percentage of foreign matters
- Color
- Pungency
- Proportion of sub
- Offered price
- Shrivelled pods
- Moisture content
- Aflatoxin levels

Chili processing & manufacturing software

Software solution to manage chili powder manufactruing, crushed chili, powdered chilli processing, and chili oil manufactruing.

Watch chili processing / manufacturing video now 
[Download chili processing brochure]    [Chili tech specs]

Chili processing solutions for chili powder / crushed chili / chili oil manufacturing:

Flexible chili processing quality control software can be used to reduce the incorrect categorization of chili processing as waste, leading to higher pack shed profits and more consistent quality, with improved customer satisfaction. Farmsoft manages chili processing businesses from end to end, providing a comprehensive chili processing business management solution.

Reduce chili processing losses by QC analysis of produce that has been discarded as “waste” to ensure waste product is indeed within the specification of waste.

Manage customer complaints for chili processing: track comments, customer feedback, photos, and resolutions provided when a complaint is made. Trace complaints back to the supplier or your own block/crop/patch/batch.
Supplier quality mangement: monitor and manage quality from each supplier, receive supplier quality alerts, track quality issues back to suppliers batches, plots, and blocks.
Configure unlimited quality control programs, including specific programs for produce, variety, customer, or finished product.  Built in flexibility to add your own fields and options to tests as required.

Tests can be for almost anything, such as testing incoming produce, outgoing produce, pre pack, pre graded produce, factory cleanliness test, employee performance, task quality control etc. You can define the subject (thing) that you are testing as virtually anything.

Each test can be a pass/fail, or value range style test (ie: where results must be within the range of two numbers, or above or below a number), weighted score, or percent of sample. Automatically send alerts to selected employees if a specific test fails or passes (a copy of the entire test results are sent with the email in a PDF). Attach photos to the test (via your tablet, smartphone, or PC) and to the criteria for instruction.

Tests can give users suggested “corrective actions” when there is a quality failure. Manually put produce on hold for further inspection Each quality control program can be configured to have unlimited categories, each category can have unlimited tests (criteria). Set the number of tests to make the entire test program fail. Set individual tests to make an entire test program fail. Set the number of chili tests in a Category to make the entire test program fail. Configure unlimited “classes” and “features” that can be assigned to inventory. Users can select images for close ups and open documents attached to the test criteria, this is used to ensure chili quality officers always have access to the correct documentation for their work.