Reduce administration costs in fresh produce packing & wholesale 

Fresh produce inventory - Orders - Quality - Packing - Sales - Shipping - Recall - Audit - Food safety - optional Xero integration

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Reduce administrataion costs, Automatic paperwork & alerts saves time.  Instant paperwork, labels, documents, and emailed alerts save administration teams time.  Invoice, pallet label, inventory label, dispatch docket, bill of lading... all produced automatically. 

Preparing invoices, bill of lading, pick sheets, export documents, and other dispatch documentation can be time consuming for fresh produce packers and processors. farmsoft makes this easy by allowing you to specify which documents must go to each customer, then automatically generating & printing or emailing the documents for you.

Continually updating templates to print labels for inventory and pallets is a waste of time. farmsoft generates your pallet and inventory labels automatically, and even associates them with customer orders if you are 'packing to order'. 

Extensive reports in farmsoft deliver new insight to management teams, and are automatically generated, saving administration teams from the tedious task of manually compilling reports in Excel.

Alerts are automatically sent to team members when orders are updated by admin; invoices and shipping notifications can also be automatically sent to customers, further reducing the burden on admin teams.

Integrate with financial solutions such as Sage accounting and other financial solutions to ensure accurate invoices are inserted into your accounting package. 

Free up administration time with automatic paperwork & notifications for fresh produce packer, shipper, exporter/importer.

reduce fresh produce administration costs

farmsoft farm mangement 

 fruit & vegetable farm management from field to plate  
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fresh produce delivery management

Easy incoming delivery saves time

Increase the efficiency of fresh produce deliveries using options like scanning incoming bar-codes to reduce data entry, save time, and reduce errors, integrate with scales.

Fresh produce business management features:

Reduce administration & compliance costs

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