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FarmSoft fresh produce processing software delivers reduced waste and shrinkage, increased traceability and profit. Make fruit and vegetable packing easy, automatic paperwork generation, reduce administration cost.

FarmSoft is a full featured fresh produce processing software solutions. Delivering comprehensive management from the delivery of goods, through the entire storage, washing, sorting, grading, packing, processing, and sales, marketing, and dispatch of fresh produce. FarmSoft includes many optional modules from which clients can choose to build a perfect solution for their fresh produce processing enterprise. Access FarmSoft from the cloud, or install on your local server. User your PC / Mac / iPhone/Android / tablet / industrial PDA to access FarmSoft. Improving the traceability and reducing post harvest loss is the cornerstone of the FarmSoft Packhouse solution. FarmSoft enforces good manufacturing practices to ensure minimal waste and maximum pack shed profit. Comprehensive quality control systems ensure quality testing is fully standardized and quality managers are alerted immediately of any significant quality deviations.

Fresh produce processing refers to the the conversion of one or more fresh produce inventory (for example fruit, vegetable, seafood, herbs, hop, flowers) into a value added product. The value added product may be simply a dried herb, or may be a more complex product such as a mixture of processed juices. Fruit and vegetable production and consumption in Asia and the Pacific region have shown a marked upward trend over the past several years. Rising consumer demand in the region has come with greater awareness of food safety issues and increased need for convenience and quality.

The fresh-cut produce sector has responded to these demands, and is currently at different stages of development across the region. Assuring the safety and quality of fresh-cut produce necessitates the selection of high quality horticultural produce for processing, and the implementation of good practice during processing operations in order to maintain produce quality and assure safety of the final product. A computerized management system is highly recommended for fresh produce processing to ensure accurate traceability and maximum food safety in the food manufacturing and processing space.

Fresh produce processing software
FarmSoft fresh produce processing software delivers increased profit and traceability, and reduces processing waste an out of specification produce.

FarmSoft fresh produce processing software has solutions for all fruit and vegetable processing enterprises.
The FarmSoft Packhouse Software delivers comprehensive management for every section of the fresh produce processing enterprise. FarmSoft can be rapidly deployed, and training new users is easy and fast. From innovative print on demand solutions that use Android tablets and thermal printers working over Wi-Fi, to sophisticated multi site distributed enterprises managed from a central location, FarmSoft has the functionality to deliver practical improvements and operational management.

FarmSoft delivers waste tracking that allows reporting of waste by discrete and non discrete methods. Perform quality control checks on ‘wasted’ or ‘rejected’ produce to determine any issues in the grading and sorting processes to minimize waste and fresh produce loss.

farmsoft makes fresh produce easy!

Increase the efficiency of fresh produce deliveries using options like scanning incoming bar-codes to reduce data entry, save time, and reduce errors.  Scan incoming fresh produce deliveries or use "one touch" rapid inventory creation screens to increase accuracy & reduce data entry time.

Tools help you monitor ageing inventory to minimize fresh produce waste. Track ageing inventory, receive automatic inventory alerts for low inventory levels.  Reduce fruit and vegetable waste with better inventory tracking and FIFO enforcement.

Guarantee the quality of your fresh produce with flexible quality control testing systems from your phone or tablet. Customer complaint management. Supplier quality management.  Enforce internal QC standards, international quality standards, or even customer quality testing programs.  Test fresh produce deliveries as proof to suppliers of the quality of fruit & vegetables they have delivered.  Fresh produce quality tests can be automtically emailed to suppliers.  Supplier quality management & customer complaint management. 

Project required inventory (and any shortages), schedule orders to be packed in batches quickly, send alerts to inventory teams telling them which inventory needs to be moved to which production line. Guarantee the correct product and quantity is packed on time.  Accurate production reduces errors.  Production managers, line managers, and packhouse managers plan in advance to ensure every order is filled accurately and on time.   Rapidly view all the raw materials that will be required to pack selected orders (eg: todays orders, or this weeks, or a month). Easilly assign these orders to batches and production lines, and automatically alert the line manager and the inventory manager.

Every fruit & vegetable order filled & dispatched on time.  Fresh produce shipping teams are guided through the dispatch process from picking using a phone or tablet (optional bar-code scanning) thru bill of lading, invoicing, and automatic shipping alerts.  Accurate orders makes for happier customers.  Shipping teams are guided thru the dispatch process to ensure each order is filled correctly by assigning inventory to orders and maintaining a running balance of order progress. 

Automatic generation of fresh produce labels, bill of lading, invoice, picking documents and more; reduces administrative burden. Easy audit & recall systems reduces compliance costs. Optional Xero integration and farmsoft farm management solutions.

farmsoft farm mangement 

 fruit & vegetable farm management from field to plate.  
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Food Chain Partnership

Agri is committed to FFB traceability. Traceability is the first step towards building a fully sustainable supply chain. Our mills are supplied by our own estates, plasma scheme smallholders and third party suppliers. Identifying supply from third party suppliers in Indonesia is challenging because of the complexity of the supply chain, comprising layers of dealers that operate between estate owners / farmers and the mills.

Collaboration lies at the heart of UNIVEG's Intelligent Traceability Strategy,” says Ben Horsbrugh, Director of Quality Management. As a company we believe that working in strategic partnerships with selected IT companies - and even with our competitors - produces the best and most cost-effective software solutions. We see the FRUIT LOGISTICA as an ideal opportunity to showcase both the food safety and traceability tools we are using and the strength of partnerships that lie behind them.

In some instances we have cold store inspections, to ensure that there were no progressive defects. Fruits will periodically have a quality inspector present with the loading of containers, to ensure that the produce is handled according to industry protocol. Our quality department will monitor the progress of the vessels and will request a quality report from the overseas (or local) client within 48 hours after arrival. The quality reports are then saved on our website, so each supplier is able to monitor his own arrival quality. They are notified by sms when a new report is available. Quality reports are also e-mailed or faxed to the suppliers on request.

It's also no secret that fewer students are enrolling in university level greenhouse grower programs, and that horticulture degree tracks have disappeared from many universities across the globe. With fewer candidates available who have formal horticultural training, especially in hydroponics — and some of those who ditch the ornamental and produce side of the industry for cannabis production — it can be a tough and slow process to fill such key positions. You may find yourself overpaying underqualified employees just to keep the wheels turning.