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Fresh produce marketing software reduces shrinkage, increases efficiency, and makes compliance easy. Turbocharge your profits now with FarmSoft!

One hundred percent accurate traceability starts at the purchase order or delivery phase, and follows the fresh produce through all of the fresh produce processing and storage phases all the way to the customers doorstep and beyond. Recalls can be performed based on only a small amount of supply chain information, making FarmSoft one of the best fresh produce traceability software solutions on the market. Trace software marketed to customers using any of the following: pallet number, inventory number, batch number, customers reference, purchase order number, sales order number, contract number, delivery date, invoice, delivery docket number and more. FarmSoft makes fresh produce marketing, importing, exporting, and sales and distribution easy with a range of handy features to ensure maximum traceability and efficiency in the fresh produce sorting, grading, packing, processing, warehousing, wholesaling, and sales & distribution processes.

FarmSoft fresh produce marketing software has solutions for all produce marketing enterprises and packhouse and pack shed.
Fresh Produce Marketing Software
FarmSoft delivers many handy tools to help manage fresh produce marketing and distribution activities. Comprehensive inventory, packing, processing, cost monitoring, and traceability is combined with fresh produce marketing tools to enable rapid planning and distribution of fresh produce.

Sales Contracts – fresh produce marketing software
Fresh produce marketing doesn’t get any easier with the ability to manage sales contracts based over any period of time. Print legal contracts for execution, and include detailed product specifications, quality requirements, pallet, packaging, shipping container packing, comments, notes, attachments, and more.

Sales Orders – fresh produce marketing software
FarmSoft records sales orders from clients. Orders can include specifications, features, notes, attachments such as contracts, emails, photo, and more.

The fresh produce marketing, sales, and dispatch processes are easy to use, and flexible enough to work for the majority of fresh produce marketers.

Production Management – fresh produce marketing software
Using data from the Purchase Orders and Sales Contracts, production can be scheduled to process or manufacture the fresh produce required by customers. Production orders include specifications, pack type, shipping container details.

Multi Site Management – fresh produce marketing
Production orders can be issued to specific warehouses / packhouses / factories. This feature allows and unlimited number of warehouses or packhouses to operate indpendently, viewing only data relating to their sites operations. Central management can view all sites and issue instructions as required. This feature also allows distributed enterprises to have warehouses and storage in multiple locations including across multiple states, or even countries and time-zones.

Shipping Container & Freight Management – fresh produce marketing
Manage shipping containers, serial, measuring devices, and order containers from freight forwarders.

Customers Required Documents – fresh produce marketing
For each customer, configure the documentation that must accompany their orders. FarmSoft will present the documentation for that customer when their order is ready for shipment.

Dispatch Monitor
Administration & sales & marketing staff can monitor the status of orders being physically put together, and be alerted when an order is finished. At this stage, administration is presented with the exact documentation required for the specific customer.

Dispatch Management
Dispatch finished goods & generate invoices using many methods including :

Issue pick slips (based on Sales Orders) and instruct staff with them, admin will assign specific goods with each order/invoice
Assign specific finished goods to specific customers / orders, staff use this as their picking instructions
Allow staff to use mobile devices to assign goods to orders. FarmSoft will enforce FIFO and tell staff where to find goods to fill each order item with

farmsoft makes fresh produce easy!

Increase the efficiency of fresh produce deliveries using options like scanning incoming bar-codes to reduce data entry, save time, and reduce errors.  Scan incoming fresh produce deliveries or use "one touch" rapid inventory creation screens to increase accuracy & reduce data entry time.

Tools help you monitor ageing inventory to minimize fresh produce waste. Track ageing inventory, receive automatic inventory alerts for low inventory levels.  Reduce fruit and vegetable waste with better inventory tracking and FIFO enforcement.

Guarantee the quality of your fresh produce with flexible quality control testing systems from your phone or tablet. Customer complaint management. Supplier quality management.  Enforce internal QC standards, international quality standards, or even customer quality testing programs.  Test fresh produce deliveries as proof to suppliers of the quality of fruit & vegetables they have delivered.  Fresh produce quality tests can be automtically emailed to suppliers.  Supplier quality management & customer complaint management. 

Project required inventory (and any shortages), schedule orders to be packed in batches quickly, send alerts to inventory teams telling them which inventory needs to be moved to which production line. Guarantee the correct product and quantity is packed on time.  Accurate production reduces errors.  Production managers, line managers, and packhouse managers plan in advance to ensure every order is filled accurately and on time.   Rapidly view all the raw materials that will be required to pack selected orders (eg: todays orders, or this weeks, or a month). Easilly assign these orders to batches and production lines, and automatically alert the line manager and the inventory manager.

Every fruit & vegetable order filled & dispatched on time.  Fresh produce shipping teams are guided through the dispatch process from picking using a phone or tablet (optional bar-code scanning) thru bill of lading, invoicing, and automatic shipping alerts.  Accurate orders makes for happier customers.  Shipping teams are guided thru the dispatch process to ensure each order is filled correctly by assigning inventory to orders and maintaining a running balance of order progress. 

Automatic generation of fresh produce labels, bill of lading, invoice, picking documents and more; reduces administrative burden. Easy audit & recall systems reduces compliance costs. Optional Xero integration and farmsoft farm management solutions.

farmsoft farm mangement 

 fruit & vegetable farm management from field to plate.  
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Traceability Systems for better food safety

An analysis of 3,500 food-poisoning outbreaks between 1990 and 2003 found that contaminated produce was responsible for the greatest number of individual foodborne illnesses. The study, by the Center for Science in the Public Interest , found that produce caused 428 outbreaks and 23,857 cases of illness. 1

Annoying stickers may not be society's most fearsome concern right now, but at a moment when consumers are increasingly concerned with wasteful packaging and traceability, tattoos seem a compelling alternative. Imagine that you can code each piece of produce so it can easily be traced back to its origin,” says Douillard. Think of how helpful that could be when there is a food safety issue.”

Hy-Vee has always put high quality and consumer confidence at the forefront of everything they do, which makes them an ideal partner for us,” said Peter Mehring, CEO of Zest Labs. By working closely with growers, we're all creating true transparency throughout the entire cold chain and ensuring only the freshest products arrive at their stores a complete record of the product through every step in the cold chain.”

At Townsend Farms our customers are an extension of our family and we take food safety very seriously. Our farm as well as our affiliate source farms all utilize Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) following stringent safety strategies to prevent and reduce the risk of microbial contamination.

The one remaining milestone is Read and store information on outbound cases.” According to a survey by the PTI Leadership Council last year, 82 percent of the group's retail members, 71 percent of wholesalers and broker members, and 70 percent of food service members expected to meet the 2012 deadline for this final milestone.