Consistent quality control for better produce and zero rejections

* Test deliveries, pack product, shipments, and even use a daily packhouse hygience checklist

*  Perform quality tests for Walmart, Woolworths, Tesco, Loblaw, Aldi, Coles, and more...

*  Take photos of product during the QC test as evidence of quality.  The photos are attached to the batch for easy future reference

*  Receive instant quality alerts detailing any quality problems.  Configure the alerts to match your quality tolerance. 

Quality programs

FarmSoft Fresh Produce Quality Control QC can force fresh produce (and other inventory) to be “placed on hold” and automatically alert senior quality officers that a further inspection needs to be made (up to five quality control officers can be alerted for each individual Quality Program defined in FarmSoft Quality Control).

Inventory on hold

During the additional inspection, the quality control officer can reassign the class and grade, product features, storage location, and make the produce available for packing, send to processing, quality rejection process, or sales.

International quality control standards

Follow international fresh produce (fruit & vegetable) quality standards with ease.