Accurate production management for less errors

* Customer orders can be assigned to batches, and batches assigned to production lines/teams, guarantting correct product packed at the correct time, to the correct specifications 

*  Analyze customer orders and stock on hand to better plan harvesting, and packing processes.  

*  Use packing dashboards to determine which fresh produce needs to be packed to fill outstanding customer orders

Reduce processing waste

Ever packed incorrect product based on inaccurate order analysis?  Those days are over with farmsoft - ensuring your production lines pack the correct fruit & vegetables to the correct specifications ensures minimized waste, and maximum customer satisfaction.

Know your inventory

Keep a close eye on inventory stored anywhere in your business by comparing inventory on hand, to customer orders (and the status of those orders, eg: fillied, or % filled) to ensure informed production planning for your packhouse

Order approval process

Orders from customers can be internally approved to ensure that order has been added to the production schedule, guaranteeing  you never miss a customers order and maimizing customer satisfaction with the quality of your fresh produce.