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Bar-code inventory

Use on any device 

Any PC / Mac / iOS / Android / Linux will do the job if it supports Edge, Chrome, Brave, or Opera browser, 800  x 1200 minimum resolution, and has an always on internet connection.  

Bar-code scanning on Android

If your Android device doesn't have a built in bar-code scanner, install an app that adds a bar-code button to your keyboard (this will open a camera screen to scan bar-codes and insert the bar-code data into the scan box. Try apps like "Barcode & QR code Keyboard", "Barcode/NFC/OCR Scanner Keyboard", etc..

Bar-code scanning on iOS & PC/Mac

Use a Bluetooth/wired /wireless hand held scanner device that will dump bar-code data into the focused scan box. 

Printing from Farmsoft

Our app will print preview your print jobs in the Chrome Print Preview dialogue, from there its up to your devices configuration to print from Chrome.

From Mac OS or Windows you can use any printer that can print a PDF document.  If you print from Android or iOS you will need to install either Google Cloud Print or Apple AirPrint; or install the app from your printer vendor.  For bar-codes 300DPI+ & PDF printing is required.

Cloud first

Farmsoft exists only in the cloud, you can't install it on your own server and there is no software installed on your devices to run Farmsoft so you never need to update anything. 

Integration & customization 

If you need special integration with specific hardware or new features in your Farmsoft solution, please use the Contact Support screen from within the app to make a request. 

Move inventory & pallets 

Scan inventory or a pallet to move it from one location to another.

Build new pallets    

Scan inventory to move to an existing or new pallet for order picking processes. 

Print inventory & pallet labels with barcodes

All inventory and pallet labels contain barcodes the app recognizes, and some can even be read by your customers. 

Lookup details

Scan pallet or inventory bar-code to rapidly lookup details, reprint labels, or edit information. 

Reduce errors

It's impossible for a bar-code to scan incorrectly, removing the possibility of human error and making inventory handling more accurate.

Incorrect inventory alerts

If you scan inventory during the order picking process, and that inventory is not on the order, you receive an alert and the inventory will not go onto the customers order.

Increased profit & quality starts here.

Bar-code & printing from Farmsoft

Fresh produce business management solutions for simple control that reduces waste, makes fruit & vegetable packing easier, and increases the accuracy of fresh produce sales and shipping.  Great for import/export of fresh produce, fruit and vegetable packers, wholsalers, drop-shipping, and food service/basic food manufacturing.

Increased profit & quality starts here.