Privacy Policy & EULA 

We will never violate your privacy by pillaging, defiling, and selling your data like the scum from Google , Facebook, etc.  We do not sell your data.  We will never sell your data.  We will never give your data to a government, person, or company.    

By creating a Producepak account, you agree to the following EULA between your company and Producepak:  

We don't data-mine your information, and we certainly don't sell it to others. 
We will never give your data to anyone unless forced by a court, which we would resist for a long as possible.  If we have to give your data to a government, we will tell you first, we have utter disregard for court appointed gag orders. 

We don't have your payment details:  They are stored by PayPal.  It is impossible for anyone to obtain your payment details from us. 

Delete your account at any time; there is no minimum term or contract. We will not store your data on our servers (we will delete it permanently) if you you select "Delete my account" (you have 30 days to stop your accounts deletion, however, images you attached (company logo, part images) will not be recoverable instantly; all of  your other documents are stored in your own Dropbox account so you can continue to access them directly from Dropbox). Please download XLSX and copies of your reports before deleting your account.    Deletion of your data will take 30 days (this is in case you either change your mind, or the account deletion was malicious/accidental). All administrator employees in your database will receive a 30 day notice of deletion by email.

Turn off renewal for an employee any time:  Select Settings > Subscriptions & billing from within the app to turn on/off auto renew of your subscriptions or add additional licenses.  

Support is not included for demo, LITE, PRO,  FRESH-POS versions; if you want support upgrade to XL or FARMSOFT editions, or buy a support subscription. All support is provided by email with priority given to XL & FARMSOFT clients first.  No response time guarantee.  LITE, PRO, FRESH POS versions include pay per use support option that you can purchase from within the app. 

Service level agreement:  We have data centers in New York, Sydney, Singapore, Panama, and Germany.  The up-time of these services has been 99.99% (3 year average, excluding scheduled upgrades).  We make every effort to ensure our systems are redundant and always online, sometimes, other companies we rely on will cause an outage.  There is nothing we can do about failure of other companies we rely on, we have to wait for them to fix whatever the issue is, historically the longest outage of our systems was 38 minutes (caused by a security providers outage which effected 14 million other web services) and was confined to North American operational timezone.  All systems suffer outages from time to time (AWS, Visa, Google, Azure, Cloudflare, Facebook etc); we do not have the resources of these large companies and offer no refunds or compensation if there is an outage of our services.   

Warranty:  We offer no warranty. It is your duty of care to have emergency paper & pen systems in place to use in case your internet is disrupted or Producepak suffers an outage; both of which are absolutely foreseeable events which are guaranteed to happen eventually. We take no responsibility for any decisions you make based on information, reports, and data in Producepak, you should desk check every calculation from Producepak & check every printed/electronic document to be sure our methods of calculation meet your expectations prior to making any business decisions using Producepak data or before giving a Producepak document to any person/company. 

Refunds:  If you ask for a refund it may be provided if we have no choice to provide a refund.  We will immediately and permanently delete all of your data, void any outstanding or remaining active subscriptions associated to your account, and block you from future sign ups.  If we have to process a refund, it will be with great prejudice.   

Moving forward:  Your company acknowledges we reserve the right to alter, replace, or modify this agreement at any time without notice; at which point your continued use of your Producepak account constitutes your acceptance of any updated agreement as determined by Producepak. 

Legal stuff:   In this agreement 'Producepak' is  either Tenacious Systems LLC (New York, USA) or Pty Ltd (Brisbane, AU) [see your Invoice or PayPal receipt for the company which created the purchase contract].  We trade through a series of asset free shell companies in multiple jurisdictions designed to provide asset protection and efficient operations; this makes us happy to disregard frivolous litigious communications.  We lease the rights to sell the "Producepak" platform from a Seychelles company which leases the intellectual property of "Producepak" from another corporation in another jurisdiction which leases the ultimate IP from a trust in another jurisdiction.