Easy to use solution for fresh produce marketers, wholesale, packers, and food manufacturers. 

Simple setup wizards have you up and running in minutes.
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Easy to use solution for inventory, orders, sales & shipping, traceability & recall/audits.


Packing fresh produce / food manufacturing in batches, quality control & dashboards.


For fresh produce markets/wholesale:  POS, orders, returns & credit, inventory, traceability & recalls.


For large packers of fruit & vegetable, food manufacturers, food service, and distribution centers. 


Producepak fresh produce & food business subscriptions

Prices in USD.  When you buy a subscription local currency will be used.  

Simple inventory, sales, traceability

  • Inventory & stock take
  • Orders, Sales, Shipping
  • Bill of lading & invoice,
  • Traceability, recall, audit
  • Inventory & pallet labels
    Limited to 4 employees

$ 10

per user per month paid annually ($120 per year) , or $30 per user per month paid monthly.  

Packers of fresh produce & food manufacturers

  • Batch based packing of food and fresh produce
    Simple food manufacturing
  • Logistics & shipping management
  • Quality control (Internal & external) including templates for Walmart, Woolworths, Coles, Aldi, Tesco and more..... 
    Price lists & price management
  • Sales, Profit, Quality, Purchase dashboards
  • Sales & shipping alerts for customers
    Document control
    Food safety & hygiene checklists
    Limited to 8 employees
    Low priority support
    All features from LITE. 

$ 30

per user per month paid annually ($360 per year), or $90 per user per month paid monthly.  If you have a complicated or large business, we recommend the XL solution that allows you to tailor screens to suit your needs.  

Market stands & wholesalers

  • Point Of Sale (POS)
  • Bar-code sales
    Levy calculation and reporting (per carton, weight, or percent of revenue)
    Returns & credits
    Invoice & receipts automatically emailed
    Send data to your finance app.
    Shipping & price list management
    Profit dashboard
    Purchase orders
    QC, Repacking
    Limited to 8 employees
    Low priority support 
  • Plus all features from LITE.  

$ 30

per user per month paid annually ($360 per year), or $90 per user per month paid monthly. 

Large packer, food manufacturer, wholesale, import / export 

  • Food manufacturing
    Consumer feedback portal.
  • Production projections
    Automatic ingredients selection
    Unlimited sites & warehouses
  • Purchase orders
  • Additional dashboards & reports
  • Advanced customization, additional screens to choose from, screen tailoring, user defined fields, special options
    Manage supplier crops
    Set re-order alerts for inventory
    Alerts for new orders, updated orders, deleted orders.
    Export invoices to finance apps
    Unlimited employees
    Plus all features from LITE, PRO, FRESH POS.

    Higher priority support

$ 60

per user per month paid annually ($720 per year) , or $180 per user per month paid monthly.

Producepak subscrptions: We don't offer free trials, pay for a monthly subscription if you want a trial and cancel at any time. To manage renewal of subscriptions, select Settings, "Subscriptions & billing" from within the app to turn on/off auto renew of your subscriptions or add additional subscriptions. Cancel your subscription(s) at any time; there is no minimum term or contract. We will not store your data on our servers (we will delete it permanantly) if you cancel your subscriptions to zero (and they all expire) or you select "Delete my account"; if your company only needs Producepak for a portion of the year just renew one license, no need to renew all subscriptions until they are needed. You can upgrade all your subscriptions from LITE to PRO, and PRO to XL, but not downgrade. Please download XLX'S and copies of your reports before cancelling your account. No refunds under any circumstances. We will never sell your data & we will never give it away. We do not put our grubby fingers into your data like Google & Facebook, and we most certainly don't allow third parties access to it. We offer no warranty. Support is provided by email only.

Producepak provides a simple solution for food processors, food packers, fresh produce packers, packhouses, food producers, farmers, and food manufacturers. Producepak concentrates on food safety, food inventory control, food expiry date management, first in first out stock rotation, food order management, food production management in batches. Use the Producepak Quality Control module to improve food safety, or turn on a simple food safety checklist to ensure consistent quality food packing and production.

Producepak is a simple to use solution for buying, and selling food inventory, fresh produce, seafood, meats, and flowers. The traceability built into Producepak provides instant recalls, accurate food traceability, and easy to produce audits, and mock audits. Producepak provides tools to pack food, fresh produce, flowers, and hops. You can use Producepak for food manufacturing, configure the bill of materials for each food product line you manufacture, and manage the food manufacturing process by projecting required raw ingredeints requirements and scheduling batches and purchase orders for raw food manufacturing processes. Accurate fresh produce inventory management reduces waste through better FIFO stock rotation, stock-takes, and inventory alerts.

Increase the efficiency of fresh produce inventory using options like scanning incoming bar-codes to reduce data entry & errors. Guarantee the quality of your fresh produce packing with flexible quality control testing systems from your phone or tablet. Customer feedback management, supplier quality control and more...

Project required inventory (and shortages), schedule orders to be packed in batches , automatic alerts to prodution line managers, inventory teams telling them which inventory needs to be moved to which production line; guarantees the correct product and quantity is packed on time. Shipping teams are guided through the dispatch process from picking using a phone or tablet (optional bar-code scanning), automatic picking, thru bill of lading, invoice, and automatic shipping notifications for customers, transport, and sales teams. Automatic generation of fresh produce labels, bill of lading, invoice, picking documents and more; reduces administrative burden. Easy audit & recall systems reduces compliance costs.

Accurate fresh produce inventory management delivers reduced waste and increased employee productivity. Manage FIFO, improve stock-take accuracy, scan harvester data, and keep a watchful eye on your inventory... Easy stocktakes identify shrinkage and help reduce waste from ageing. Track fresh produce inventory over multiple sites and warehouses (state wide, country wide, world wide). Optional RFID and bar-code features.

Consistent and accurate quality control ensures higher customer satisfaction and adherence to industry, de-facto, and in-house quality control standards. Track supplier quality performance, customer feedback & complaints, create QC tests for any part of the fresh produce & food manufacturing process (incoming goods, raw materials, finished goods, expiry test, export/shipping tests).

Manage orders, pack to order, picking, and the entire dispatch process. Generate invoices, bill of lading, pick slips, export documentation and other sales documents... Dispatch teams are guided through the dispatch process ensuring every order is filled perfectly, and on time. Paperwork such as BOL, freight documents, export documents are automatically generated based on the customer and destination to guarantee no rejected shipments or issues at borders.

Generate fresh produce SSCC pallet labels, GS1 case & PTI labels, bin labels, batch labels, traded unit labels, harvest labels and more. Use the built in industry standard labels for Walmart, Woolworths, Aldi, Tesco, Loblaws etc - or design your own with the built in label & report designer. Our team can design all of your fresh produce documents to ensure farmsoft matches your requirements perfectly. Project required raw materials needed to pack/manufacture orders, potential shortages, schedule multiple orders to be packed in batches on selected production lines with a few clicks, automatically send new job alerts to managers, schedule additional harvests, analyze outstanding orders. Manage entire packing and manufacturing process with ease.