Freshest produce in the USA, direct supply to supermarket & chain stores, food service.

Sourced from the USA, Central and South America.

We comb the world for the best fresh produce, at the best prices.  

Pre-packed or supermarket branded packaging, food service semi-processed options...

We would love to fulfill your fresh produce packing and food service requirements.

Our experienced team can pack to order for supermarket themed packaging, branded packaging, and make food service ready semi-processed products on demand.

Quality and traceability

We use cutting edge tech to ensure our fresh produce meets all quality requirements, with consistent quality control

Fresh Food Supply Chain Direct to Supermarkets & Food Service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

We supply direct to supermarkets and food service companies every day of the year.  
Ordering from us is easy, fast, and accurate!

Place orders online

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Update your orders

Change your orders any time online, our production team will be alerted immediately.

We love to hear from  you!

Leave feedback about the quality of our fresh produce through our online portal.  Our production managers will take immediate action. 

Receive an order confirmation 

Our system will send you a confirmation that we received your order and can fulfill it, if we cant, we will let you know ASAP.

Receive a notification as soon as we ship

We let you know as soon as your order ships, and confirm the contents is what you ordered.  

Best price guarantee

If you can find same high quality from another supplier at a lower standard price, we will match it!

Leafy vegetables

Fresher, crisper, and younger leafy vegetables.  


Ask us about the latest season fruit offerings.  

fruits & vegetables

Year round availablity of common table fruit & vegetables sourced from CA, SA, and USA. 


Semi-processed fruit & vegetables created and packaged to your exacting specifications. 

Rapid fresh produce supply chain

We move faster the the others!

Time taken between farm, repacking in our warehouses, and delivery to your supermarket distribution center or direct to chain store is shorter than other companies in the fresh prduce space.   A faster supply chain means fresher produce!

Our story

A background in fresh produce

Our founders have worked in the fresh produce supply chain since 1990; and are impassioned with a a love of fresh produce farming, cooking, and healthy foods.

About us

Since 1992, Produce Packers LLC has been a leader in the fresh produce supply chain distributing across the US with a supply chain that reaches into Central and South America. Our team is always sourcing new and innovative fresh produce. Our certification systems ensure accurate traceability, extremely high food safety, accurate origin labeling, and reliable tracking from farm to plate; regardless of fresh produce origin.

High Quality

Best Price

Easy online ordering

We keep you informed

Smaller Sellers

Produce Packers LLC

Internationally sourced fresh produce

Our suppy chain stretches across the world with well established supply partners, often directly from the farm.

Happy suppliers

We keep our suppliers happy by always paying a reasonable, fair, and sustainable price. 

High Quality

We assist our suppliers with quality control, and even see photographs of the fresh produce before it si shipped to us. 

Long term relationships

We work with suppliers for the long term.  Long term relationships result in consistency and better quality produce.

International shipping

Our in house managed supply chain can  move fresh produce faster than most companies, resulting in fresher produce for our supermarket customers.

Produce Packers LLC

Contact us today!

Tell us your fresh produce requirements, we can schedule a meeting to confirm availablity and quality. 

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